Matthew Stelzner


 Matthew Stelzner is a professional astrologer who has been practicing astrology in San Francisco for the last fifteen years. He practices a unique form of archetypal astrology, which he learned from Richard Tarnas and Stanislav Grof during his years as a graduate student at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He has completed coursework both towards a Ph.D. in Humanities and a master’s degree in counseling psychology. He is a Stan Grof Certified Facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork and a senior staff member and teacher with Grof Transpersonal Training. He has assisted Stan Grof and Richard Tarnas with their graduate-level courses, and has taught the GTT astrology module internationally several times. He is also currently a faculty member for the newly formed Institute of Archetypal Cosmology which offers courses in archetypal astrology to students both in the California bay area and online. For more information about Matthew and his work please visit his website at