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Welcome!  We are excited to announce our 7TH Annual “Holotropic Breathwork in the Desert” Weekend Breathwork Retreat at the amazing Joshua Tree Retreat Center on the weekend of May 8-9 2021.  The workshop will start at 10:30am on Saturday morning and end after breakfast on Monday May 10th.  For an additional cost, there is an option to come in on Friday anytime after 2pm.  For those participants who arrive on Friday, we will be hosting an optional special pre-workshop one hour breathing session Friday evening to get you started on the weekend. However, if you cannot stay until Monday the 1st because of work considerations, you will be able to depart after dinner on Sunday Sept 13th.   Holotropic Breathwork is a healing modality developed by world renowned psychiatrist Stanislav Grof who also was the co-creator of the field of Transpersonal Psychology.  On this website you will find information about Holotropic Breathwork, the venue, the breathing room, the accommodations and the delicious meals that will be served.  Each participant will participate in one Holotropic Breathwork breathing session, one Holotropic Breathwork sitting session plus all of the ancillary activities that will be available at the event including Mandala Drawing, Mandala Collage,  Integrative Dance, a visit to the Integratron and Yoga With Jason.  We look forward to seeing you at Joshua Tree in September!!

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