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Integrate Your Breathwork Experience With Our Train Your Brain Workshop

Train Your Brain, Master Your Life – A Workshop of Integration and Self-Empowerment Based on Neuroscience and the Principles of Holotropic Breathwork brought to you by Michael Stone and Saemi Nakamura

Retrain Your Brain, Master Your Owwn Life, Michael Stone, Saemi Nakamura

The Amazing Human Brain Creating Its Own Reality

What past participants are saying about this workshop:

The most amazing workshop I have ever taken, I was totally blown away.  I feel like I am a different person. I am doing the exercises every day and I now feel like I am in control of my life and my future. I am no longer procrastinating or making excuses, just moving ahead full speed towards the life I want for my family and me. – B.G., Los Angeles

“I want everyone I know to take this workshop! It’s fun, and so very helpful for understanding, our deeply rooted motivations, how the brain really works, and best of all, how to handle or retrain our brains to help us achieve peace of mind, happiness, and our highest goals of personal fufillment.”  – Holly Moe, Desert Hot Springs

Michael and Saemi have created an incredible workshop. With their guidance, I was able look at the pervasive thoughts and emotions that are impacting me negatively today, and dig deep into the unconscious mind to find my true essence. I was amazed at how skillfully they helped me to discover how experiences in childhood have limited the development of the self. I was able to dig under my negative beliefs and judgments, and experience myself as never before. The value here is not only in the workshop itself, but in the idea that we can absolutely change our future in a practical and tangible way. It is without hesitation that I recommend Retrain the Brain.” –  Claudia L., Los Angeles

“Saemi and Michael packed so many powerful exercises and so much valuable information in Train your Brain. The practices and homework are proving helpful in my daily life. Much, much gratitude to you both for bringing your gifts and offering this training!” – Pierce J.

“Much as Robert Anton Wilson does in Prometheus Rising, this course synthesizes big ideas and insights from a vast range of fields into an optimistic and galvanizing call to action, and does so with wit, wisdom, and soul.” –  E.D., Los Angeles

“Thank you both very much for the transformative workshop you’ve created.  You’ve given me a set of practical and powerful tools that allows me to reframe and redefine my experiences, my perspective, my life.  I’ve been using them daily and I have to say I have a renewed sense of hope and joy which has eluded me for many years.” – Jen S.

In the film “The Matrix”, Neo was given the option of swallowing the blue pill and staying in the Matrix, a virtual reality world created by Artificial Intelligence machines or taking the red pill and exiting the world of the Matrix into the “real world” and “staying in Wonderland and seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes”.  In this course, we will explore the “rabbit hole”, our own personal “Matrix”, a virtual reality world created not by AI, but by our own conditioned minds that disempowers us in various ways.  We are constantly programming our minds to produce specific results, but we do it unconsciously. In Holotropic Breathwork, you are able to quiet the conditioned mind mental chatter that normally dominates your every waking moment and access your internal power to heal yourself and grow but you can also consciously access that capability in your everyday life.

In this workshop, you will see how you have created your own personal “Matrix” and learn how to consciously modify it to open yourself up to the future of unlimited possibility that is everyone’s birthright.  You will learn, through the latest advances in the science of perception, memory and quantum theory, how to “rewire your brain” and consciously program your mind to create the new neural pathways to accomplish this.  You will also learn that your past is not as “fixed” as you thought it was and that your brain is constantly reinterpreting and changing it to agree with your current world view.

In addition, you will learn that your emotional states are not a result of the things that happen in your life but the stories you create around those events.  Since it is you who create those stories, you have the power to recreate them in different ways to create different emotional states that power you forward instead of holding you back.   Just as with the Holotropic Breathwork principle of “taking it vertical”, you will find that you never again have to be at the effect of anything that goes on around you in the “outside world”. (Note: You do not have to have ever taken a Holotropic Breathwork workshop to get the full benefit of this workshop).

At the completion of this workshop, you will understand that you already have the tools to transform your life into one of creation, joy and self-empowerment in a systematic way on a day-to-day basis if you are willing to do the necessary work.

Note:  Even though this is NOT a Holotropic Breathwork Workshop (which follows a specific format developed by Dr Stan Grof and takes 12 hours with 3 hour breathing sessions), an ultra powerful one hour breathwork experience which we call Inner Awakening Breathwork will be included as part of this workshop.

Facilitators for this event:  Michael Stone and Saemi Nakamura

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