Vortices at Joshua Tree Retreat Center


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Vortex Map

Joshua Tree Retreat Center Vortex Map

Edwin John Dingle, known as Ding Le Mei to over 220,000 students of the Science of Mentalphysics, was born in England in 1881. He became a journalist and established a publishing empire in Hong Kong and Shanghai. On a mapping expedition across China in early 1900’s, he walked across China and into Tibet. In his quest for spiritual knowledge he became one of the first Westerners to enter Tibet and study in a Tibetan Monastery, where he was recognized as a highly evolved soul.  Dingle, upon his return to the United States in 1941 began a search for a spot to open a spiritual retreat center.  When he came upon the land for what is now the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, he witnessed a great light from above and was told that this was the place to build the Institute and that roads would be made to carry people to this place of respite. The land has since been called a “magnetic anomaly” and has been tested with sensitive electromagnetic equipment that confirms that it is a unique energetic “vortex”.  with 18 known Vortices.  A Vortex is a place on the planet of increased energy. If you click on the map to the right, you will see the exact location of all of the vortices at the retreat center.  This makes Joshua Tree Retreat Center an ideal place for spiritual workshops and retreats including our annual Joshua Tree Holotropic Breathwork Retreat this September.  This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time in the amazing vortex energy of the retreat center and at the same time have a profound healing experience.  Holotropic Breathwork is a groundbreaking breakthrough technology developed by world renowned psychiatrist Dr. Stan Grof that allows access to the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness naturally without using substances–by using only breath and music. Every person can be their own spiritual master,  by getting their minds out of the way and accessing their own innate healing capability. This allows for profound life-changing healing experiences that can result in more creativity, better relationships with yourself and others and a clearer connection with your purpose in life. Also, if you cannot come to Joshua Tree, we offer amazing breathwork experiences online where you can get some of the same healing benefits of being in this vortex energy from the comfort of your own home for under $25.00.  Go to https://breathworkonline.com/ for more details or to register.

The energy of a Vortex acts as an amplifier. An amplifier takes a signal or frequency and makes it stronger. When standing in a vortex, the energy will magnify what we bring to it on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. The energy may augment your thoughts and intuition, allowing you to gain an unexpected insight. It may heighten your feelings of joy and happiness, or even have physical effect, such as causing a nagging pain to dissipate. The energy may also have a profound spiritual effect, leading a person to gain a greater understanding of who they are, or where they are going in life, many times helping to induce an internal ecstatic experience. Testimonials from prior participants of our Holotropic Breathwork Retreats at JTRC can be found at: Testimonials

Whether you are asking for divine guidance, inspiration, or creativity in your chosen field, the vortices at Joshua Tree Retreat Center will help you find clarity in your needs. We invite you and your friends to enjoy these natural energies from our Earth while attending the workshop.

“The therapeutic benefits of Holotropic Breathwork are remarkable.  The healing of illness, anxiety, depression and conflict, the release and healing of trauma and abuse, the reintegration with family and community, the opening of compassion, forgiveness, courage and love, the reclaiming of purpose, the finding of our lost soul and the higher insights of spiritual understanding all come spontaneously from the unfolding of this powerful process”.  Jack Kornfield – Author of “A Path With Heart” and 11 other books, world renowned Meditation Teacher, Founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center