Breathing Room

Holotropic Breathwork Breathing Sessions

The Sanctuary at JTRC

Holotropic Breathwork Breathing Sessions

Inside the Sanctuary









The Sanctuary at Joshua Tree Retreat Center where we will be hosting our holotropic breathing sessions is octagonal shaped with vaulted ceilings and excellent acoustics that is sited right on top of one of the many energy vortices at JTRC.  Other people that have held workshops here are Byron Katie, Jack Kornfield, Stan Grof, Lama Surya Das, Ram Dass and Miguel Ruiz.  This very special space is where we will be experiencing our breathwork sessions and sharing group.

You will be going to the Sanctuary when you first arrive at the workshop to register.  To find the Sanctuary, when you enter the premises, turn left, then make your first right and you will find the Sanctuary on your left.  There is a parking lot in front of the building.



Holotropic Breathwork Breathing Sessions, Breathing Room

The Sanctuary at Sunset