Yoga With Jason



“I’m passionate about helping people grow, find their power and integrate change. I believe that our bodies store emotions and truths that must be accessed if we strive for self-understanding, sustained growth and alignment to purpose. I love the journey and have gone far enough to know deeply that life is a great mystery and that the truth we seek can be revealed through playful yet disciplined self exploration with an emphasis on integration and letting go.”

Jason Gentile is a Yoga Alliance-certified instructor based in Los Angeles.  He has trained and practiced in holistic flow, yin, and power yoga with some of the most prominent teachers in Southern California.  His classes combine a profound connection to the breath and respect for the body with foundational movement sequences that are accessible for all levels of yoga students.

Jason offers a unique practice designed to help you tap into your power through mind/body awareness techniques which open the heart and aid in connecting to your inner healer–perfect for preparing for a Holotropic Breathwork session.

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